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Miller Brewery Tour

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Miller Brewery Tour Empty Miller Brewery Tour

Post  BIG J on 2012-09-09, 16:03

So living in Milwaukee has its ups and downs as every town does. But I do have to say that this town definitely has some good ups. Every corner you turn there is another brewery, cheese shop or brat store. For sure a test of one's self control. So as promised I wanted to give you all an inside look at the Miller Brewery. It might be the top tourist attraction in Milwaukee and it makes sense because the tour is free and you get to try 3 beers at the end. To start the day off I started at IrishFest which is one of the many here in Brew City over the summer. If you missed my write-up on the Jameson Irish Pancake Shot you will want to check that out for sure. After a few hours I decided to continue my exploration day and head for the Miller Brewery. I checked in for the tour and after spending a few minutes in the gift shop we were off on the tour. It started with a 12 minute video about the history of the brewery all the way back to 1855. I was less excited about the video but it meant i was one step closer to free samples. I mean isn't that why everyone goes? We walked all over the campus, in total its 82 acres of beer heaven. We walked through the filling plant which does bottles and cans. It was amazing to watch the cases of cans fly by the window. Here is a shot of the plant:
Miller Brewery Tour 552112_698518037812_1198465946_n
So onward we went to the warehouse where all of the cases are stored for shipping. This warehouse held half a million that's 500,000 cases and this inventory was shipped and replaced every 36 hours. So for those of you that are doing your part keep up the good work. Here is a shot of an aisle in the warehouse:
Miller Brewery Tour 196659_698518796292_1220829097_n
The next stop on the tour was the beer caves. This is the original, or at least they claim to be the original place where beer was stored. It was about 100 or so feet below the ground and it was definitely a place you could keep things in cold storage. Here is a shot of it:
Miller Brewery Tour 185559_698519644592_781714585_n
And finally the last stop on the tour was the beer garden where I will say proudly I got myself to the front of the line and got my samples. The first sample was not our choice so we were given Miller 64. It was ok but very light. My second choice was Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. This was a very nice seasonal brew that you could drink on a hot summer day. To maximize the experience I got my beer and walked to the back of the beer line. I did have a few groups notice my pattern so I was a trend starter for sure. My last sample I got was Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss and this was as expected very fruity. Not my first choice but in a pinch it would get the job done. Kind of like that one mike's hard lemonade in the back of the fridge. You all know what I'm talking about. So if you all get a chance check out the many fine selections of beers from MillerCoors and keep on keeping on!

Hope you all enjoyed this installment of Brew City Weekly. Until next time, this is Big J signing off, keep your dinner plates full and the ketchup nearby.

Big J
"Can you pass the ketchup?"

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Miller Brewery Tour Empty Re: Miller Brewery Tour

Post  Maddox on 2012-09-10, 09:54

I am pretty sure this is the man's version of a "day at the spa"! Way to go Big J, you are doing BDB proud!

How do I get a beer garden?

You can't eat the horns!

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Miller Brewery Tour Empty Re: Miller Brewery Tour

Post  dbagshaw on 2012-09-13, 08:10

Looks like fun!!! Lots to check out in Milwaukee :-)


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Miller Brewery Tour Empty Re: Miller Brewery Tour

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