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The last day

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The last day Empty The last day

Post  Maddox on 2011-01-30, 22:23

I am sad to say the last day has come and gone, what am I going to do now? I headed into Delaware for the last day to join up with the boys as I have for the last few years. This is a tradition spanning many many years and they have been nice enough to let me tag along for the last 3. This day is special as we head down to their double blind setup packing a camp stove, eggs and fresh marinated venison for some "backwoods" breakfast at the blind. This morning started out with me, BS and Jason setting up in the smaller blind back in the marsh with about a dozen decoys laid out. At first light the birds rolled into the marsh but there was so much water from the tide being in they weren't coming in shooting range. About 8:30 robo duck was set out and then the shooting began. We killed 4 ducks, 2 mallards and 2 black ducks. Feeling pretty good about the morning so far we decided it was time to head to the larger blind out on the river to meet up with the other guys and fire up breakfast. We hadn't heard much shooting out at the big blind but we were hopeful things would fire up when we got there and that they did. As we are climbing in the blind here comes 3 canadians decoying up perfectly, it was all I could do to get one shell in the gun and fire a miss before all 3 were flying away. I am not sure how they got out of there with that many pellets in the air! From there forward it was a little slow but breakfast and the company made the end of this hunt one to remember. I owe a special thanks to Gary, TC, Burt and Jason for another year of allowing this rookie to tag along. I look forward to next year!

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