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2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2 Afternoon

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2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2 Afternoon

Post  BIG J on 2011-01-28, 15:09

This is the afternoon portion of the 2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2. Check out the morning story here. After we had gotten back from our goose hunt we got some grub in our belly’s and were already planning what to do with our afternoon. A deer hunt was in order. The season was running out next week and we had tags to be filled. So the plan was devised to put a drive on and see if we could put one down. Maddox had a great idea to involve his kids and have them help put on the drive. Well only one agreed and Maddox and son, Blaine, were going to drive some deer to me. We parted ways outside and I went to get settled into a spot and just wait for the slaughter to begin. I found a spot that wasn’t too thick with brush and it had some elevation so I could watch the creek down below. Some time went by and a shot rang out. It came from Maddox’s direction. Out across the patch of woods I’m watching I see four deer plowing through the field. I get myself steadied on my monopod and picked a good spot to pull the trigger. Well needless to say they never made it there. So after a little discussion I was on the move to try and get in front of them. But no such luck, they had pushed on ahead and were out of sight in no time. At this point Blaine was tired and was ready to turn in for the day. On our way back to the house we spotted a fox and Maddox couldn’t land him on this try. They are quick and agile. I decided I was going to keep hunting and let them head back for the house. Maddox made a suggestion that I should check out his ground blind that he constructed in the woods. I settled myself into the nice comfy chair and the hunt was back on. Not too long after I get a call that Maddox was on his way back out. I met up with him and we headed back for the woods where we encountered the deer earlier. He decided to let me walk down towards a natural pinch point where deer were out in the open and he took refuge near his treestand. I found a fallen tree and decided to use it like a natural ground blind. As the afternoon went on it was quiet, nothing moving around except a couple squirrels. As it was getting down to the last hour of hunting, I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a group of 4 does. It was that moment there I realized my choice in spots was phenomenal. Slowly I brought the muzzleloader up and set my sights on a big doe. A pull of the trigger and smoke filled the air around me. I popped up and the other 3 deer ran off, which is a good sign. I ran over to check for blood and nothing. I was dumbfounded; I knew I had hit that deer. I started looking around and I spot the deer, it was limping away. Yes just limping, I think I will be switching to 150 grains of powder next time. So I wait for Maddox and we decided that I should try and get a little closer and put another round in her. Well this was a bad decision. To try and put an end to this story, we ended up spooking her off and as it got darker blood becomes near impossible to find. We ended up giving up and decided to come back in the morning. So as day 3 now continues I am anxious to get back and see what I can find. We head to the spot where we had last seen her and we find a blood spot. Always a good sign when you find blood. We start searching the woods and we aren’t finding a deer or blood. So after an hour of stomping around I find another blood spot, a pretty big one at that. So from there my bloodhound senses kicked in and we followed drop by drop to the edge of the woods. We found a set of tracks that lead out across the field, it only had groups of 3 prints, it was limping. So we followed it out across the field and we find blood all along the way. I spotted a fox darting out from the woods up ahead. To wrap this up we got to the woods and just inside was the doe. The fox had gotten an early lunch and ate the butt out of the deer. This was one massive deer. I swear it was part cow. We dragged it back to the house got it hung up and butchered. This was a great end to a crazy weekend of hunting.

Big J
"Can you pass the ketchup?"

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Re: 2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2 Afternoon

Post  Maddox on 2011-01-29, 01:50

Big J was nice enough not to mention the first fox I missed in the morning during the goose hunt, then the Doe at 75yds broad side. I tell you what you switching from the muzzleloader to the slug gun was a bad idea (that's my story and I am sticking to it!). Big J was the man on this hunt and did a great job of putting some meat on the table. I look forward to doing it all again next year!

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Re: 2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2 Afternoon

Post  ssppnkfld on 2011-01-29, 12:25

It's good to know if you ever get mad enough to want to shoot me, I won't have anything to worry about.

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Re: 2 crazy days of hunting: Day 2 Afternoon

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