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Funny stuff....sort of!

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Funny stuff....sort of! Empty Funny stuff....sort of!

Post  Maddox on 2011-01-19, 20:00

I have been getting my a** kicked the last 2 weeks out here hunting geese (I am sure no one has noticed:lol:) The first 2 months of the season I was seeing thousands of geese every time I went out here at the house but something happened recently. The flyway changed, the food changed, they got lost, hell I don't know but something happened. This last time we went out on Saturday we only saw 3 geese (that is not a typo I said 3). I have been a bit bummed but always hopeful that as it changed for the worst it can change for the best in this last week. So I am outside finally getting the grill cover back on the grill and changing some light bulbs when I hear that familiar honk. Of course I stop what I am doing and start looking around but don't see anything. I start hearing a few more and finally a flock breaks over the trees coming across the corn field where I hunt. I am totally excited at this point that finally one flock has found it's way back and start thinking positive thoughts about this Saturday's hunt. I go back to what I was doing (messing around more than anything) and start to hear another flock coming, could it be they are finally coming back. Sure enough the parade of flocks started and I stood outside watching flocks of 25-100 geese fly over for about 10-15 min straight. Hopefully this is a good sign and we are going to finish this last week out strong. Big J, ScottishRifle and I are headed out Saturday so keep your fingers crossed for us!

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