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Local Beer Delivery Service!

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Local Beer Delivery Service! Empty Local Beer Delivery Service!

Post  BIG J on 2012-04-05, 10:34

So I came across a site on Tasting Table and I had to share this with you all. It's called Beer Jobber and if you are a local brew connoisseur this is the site for you. This site connects you the consumer directly with craft beer breweries. It's free to sign up and you can start browsing immediately. Simply add whatever beer you like to your cart and this site will take care of the logistics of getting the brew delivered to you directly from brewery. It's a brewery-to-table venture that is sure to sweep the market. They claim that they will take care of the logistics of transporting across state lines, so why not give it a try.

I know for me anytime I travel to a new place, first thing i want is to find that hole in the wall dive bar that cranks out a mean burger and has good, local beers. This site also allows you to rate the beers after you have tried them and based on your ratings they send you suggestions of what to try next. If you do happen to try this service, post up a review of the brew so the rest of the BDB community can check it out. Hope everyone has an awesome easter weekend and here is to tipping a few bottlenecks down this holiday!

Big J
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