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North Carolina fishing

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North Carolina fishing Empty North Carolina fishing

Post  jason on 2011-08-06, 14:52

Have not been here for quite some time, looks like no one else has either! Just came back from four days in sunny North Carlolina doing a little fishing.
First day out caught a real nice Wahoo, turns out they are really good chunked up and deep-fried. Second day out was a charter on the Pelican, with captain Arch. Great captain if anyone ever needs a boat to fish. We hooked and released four White Marlin, and boated a small yellow fin. Third day was way to windy, so my three day trip turned into four. Last day was 5-7 foot seas, but we got in a half day in-shore and caught a bunch of blues and one spanish mackeral. All in all it was a great trip. Look forward to some other stories, I'm sure everyone is not sitting inside just waiting for hunting season![img][/img]

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North Carolina fishing Empty Re: North Carolina fishing

Post  Maddox on 2011-08-20, 15:16

Hey Jason, good to hear from you! That sounds like a great trip can't wait to see some pictures. I have been a total slacker this summer and not done any fishing so I am unfortunately just sitting around waiting for hunting season. I have been shooting the bow a little to get ready for deer season and BS and I are talking about getting out for Teal so I am hoping to have some stories real soon. Thanks for the post!

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