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Time for BBQ!

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Time for BBQ! Empty Time for BBQ!

Post  Maddox on 2011-06-19, 22:25

Alright I have been a total slacker and paid way to much attention to this "work thing" so I haven't been on here to post what has been going on. Time to change all that. We are approaching the season again and I am getting fired back up. Even saw my first buck driving down the road yesterday!

Anyway no hunting story here but......I have been eyeing up a new smoker over the last year. A few years ago a few of my buddies and me and Big J built a smoker from 2 50 gallon drums. We have used it plenty of the last few years with varying levels of success however there is no doubt it is always a good time! I started wanting to actually make some kick a&& food on a smoker and realized the home built job we have might not fit the bill. Well about 3 weeks ago the new electric fully digital Bradley Smoker showed up. This thing is out of control. It has dual controls, one for the control of smoke and one for the control of temperature. This means you can actually cold smoke with this bad boy. Finally I got in gear this weekend and fired it up. Here are some pics of the sausage, brisket and pork butt I have been doing. Now the pork butt and brisket still have about 2 more hours so I will post them in the Backwoods Recipe Box section when they are done but check it out!

Time for BBQ! 265094_10150640184130252_10150120872405252_19390176_6689039_n

Time for BBQ! 260554_10150640184685252_10150120872405252_19390189_848394_n

Time for BBQ! 265094_10150640184130252_10150120872405252_19390176_6689039_n

Time for BBQ! 264529_10150640185140252_10150120872405252_19390198_6969910_n

What the hell have all of you been up to?

I am still waiting on some invites for fishing, I can only get schooled in archery so many times by Plumber and Frenchy before I need something else to do!

You can't eat the horns!

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Time for BBQ! Empty Great new toy!

Post  dbagshaw on 2011-06-20, 09:25

Awesome!!! When I get some cheese made, we can try cold smoking!


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